Pacers Running

Rebranding + Traditional Design + Marketing Collateral + Promotional Design

The Challenge

A brand that was caught standing still. Not ideal for a business in the running industry. How could Pacers Running improve their visual branding and personality to better match the industry and their fun-loving personality that everyone has come to expect through their retail stores and running events? ORANGEHAT was challenged with converting that known personality into a new and exciting brand identity. In addition to a corporate rebrand, each of their owned running races needed mini sub-brands to match that race theme and personality, while still fitting under the Pacers Running brand identity and convey their premier race experience.

The Solution

A series of interviews was performed by ORANGEHAT. An initial meeting with the owners and top-level managers revealed a perceived perspective of their brand and commitment to the surrounding neiborhoods and the running industry as a whole. Afterwards, examining retail staff and their client interactions, coupled with questions to determine their opinions of the corporate branding, paved the way for common traits and clarity in how to postion Pacers Running with their new visual branding.

Research into the running industry trends and habits, based on how the shoe and apparel manufacturers handled their brand approach, helped to inspire the new visual direction and work seamlessly with these brands.

Inspired by all of the research and information gathered, a new mark was developed. The new mark is designed to work in multiple orientations with and without it’s accompanying type. The logo was created to be used with a wide range of colors based on the season, fashion trends, to inspire runners to keep moving. Execution of the various types of collateral and apparel for the main brand, and the sub-brands for each race, has created a unified look conveying a sense of professionalism, energy, inspiration and expertise.

Creative Services

Brand Identity
Sub Brand Design
Traditional Design
Apparel Design
Social Media Design
Race Collateral Design

“Projects in the running business move fast! There are a steady stream of races, community events, and marketing projects and each need to look fresh, exciting, and convey needed information to our consumer. Orangehat gets our voice and vibe and work both quickly and contentiously to give our events a look that engages our audience. They have worked hard to listen, observe, and amplify our voice a competitive marketplace. The ability to share a broad idea and be met with options that convey what you couldn’t articulate is huge.”
Heather Jeff

Marketing Coordinator, Pacers Running

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