We've changed the mechanics of the typical design agency. The Baltimore-based studio, ORANGEHAT, isn't just your design team, we're your strategic partner -- achieving your marketing and strategic goals with the horsepower and know-how of creative thinking. And we'll do it together until we get the job done. Let's collaborate and create something amazing, for you.

Business Growth from a design perspective.

By talking with the owner, marketing specialists, or a combination of both, let’s work together to achieve your business goals and own your brand. Let’s talk about your needs — like really talk about them — and then let us work our magic.

Want more clicks – let’s get more clicks. More butts in seats, let’s get those butts. And we’ll kick butt to acheive those goals with a foundation based in design.

We’re here to understand who you are, how you fit into the industry and offer strategy and guidance to make that a reality. Sounds pretty straight-forward right? It is and it isn’t. Anyone can listen, but to truly create something effective, the translation of your company goals and objectives, coupled with our design knowledge is the key to making your brand’s engine purr.

Our Services

Brand Identity & Strategy

Art & Creative Direction

Illustration & Iconography

Print & Advertising Design

Web Design & Development

Social Media & Digital Ads

Copywriting & Consulting


Creative Ideation

Problem, solved. Together we’ll identify your creative problem and brainstorm the best possible solution. Whether you’re launching a new business, revamping, expanding, or re-branding your existing business, we have the tools, the skills and experience you need to engage your customers. No idea is off the table. We think outside, inside, and all around the box. You share your vision and we’ll share our ideas. We are an ego-free outfit. Our job is to find your solution.

Creative Concepts

Solution. Solved. Now it’s time to flesh it out on paper or on a screen and identify the best way to make it work. Does your concept need print, web, mobile, social elements? All of the above? Some of the above? Yes, it sounds like more questions than answers, but no worries — this is how our creative minds work. We’ll sort out the how-tos and the what-fors and deliver some kick-ass concepts showing how this idea is going to take shape.

Creative Execution

Approved! Now we refine further — production specifications, dimensions, and versioning will all be identified. For a brand, that’s your logo library and brand standards. It’s every iteration of your social media campaign. It’s the color and paper stock for your direct mail or print campaign. Here’s where we dig into the nitty gritty details — the little things that matter. And they matter a lot. Putting in the extra time and attention here is what makes all of the other steps work together perfectly.


Woo-hoo! All of the details are approved for production and the project is almost complete. We’ll recommend and/or coordinate with our vendors to make your thing, an actual thing!  During this final step, we’ll transition into more of a consulting role. We can handle a press-check or review the functionality of your website before it goes live. Here’s where the idea that we created together becomes a living, breathing…solution.

Wasn’t that fun? Let’s do it again!

Paul Bianco

Owner. Creative Dude.


Dustin fritz

Creative Guru & Illustrator.



Brand Identity & Strategy

Creative Direction

Illustration & Iconography

Traditional Design

Package & Dimensional Design

Social Media & Digital Ad Design

Website & Application Design

Website & Application Design



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Lovingly creating in Baltimore, MD. Current clients span Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia. We're open and excited to travel and explore and design wherever you are. Design is global.

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