Website Design + Development

The Challenge

Circonus provides a flexible, api-centric platform of monitoring tools for IT engineers to collect, monitor, visualize and analyze a wide range of metrics for their software traffic and performance. The challenge was to convey technical information that could be interpreted in a more comfortable manner for two main audiences – engineers and management. Terminology used in the content would be crucial for the engineers to validate the claims of Circonus and want to request a demo of the software. Visual layout would be used to break up core content, providing managers the ability to get an overview of the Circonus software and passing this find over to the engineers to further research. The main request was to leverage a very sleek and modern website design, working for all viewports and a more open-layout based design, all while maintaining and working within the current branding of the company.

The solution

ORANGEHAT – working with JK Squared – conducted a series of meetings with the client to better understand their technology, existing content, and wishes for the new site design. Recommendations for content length and style were submitted, along with a brand new wireframe architecture of the site that properly organized the content into the main areas of the site. A huge push for a section-based and open layout was handled in the wireframes, and then converted into the overall design. Leveraging shorter content, larger type and multiple layout options provide visual distinctions as topics vary throughout the site.

Other design and development techniques were used to organize content on the interior pages with interactive touch-points throughout, offering additional information. This prevented the large scrolling site from getting out of control and keeping the site as compact as possible. The homepage specifically highlights core features of the Circonus software, with multiple click-points to dig deeper into the site, while telling a complete story at a glance. 

These guys get it. They understand our industry, and who we are as a company. Our culture thrives on exciting and participating in our neighborhood. Our new brand is something we can show off with energy and excitement. The confidence and impact of our brand makes all the difference.

Heather Jeff

Marketing Coordinator, Pacers Running